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Custom-built Trailers Are a MAC Specialty

Posted by David Shepherd on Jun 19, 2020 1:18:56 PM

Anyone in the business of pulling dump trailers, refuse or transfer trailers, and flatbed trailers knows the importance of having the right specs built into the trailer. Your bottom line reflects every load that is pulled in a specialty trailer. 


MAC trailers are built to your exact specifications with a reputation for being some of the toughest trailers in the industry. From the years of engineering excellence to the highest quality materials that can be found, you can rest assured that your MAC trailer will provide long lasting service.


Let’s look at the MAC trailers we offer at CRTS.


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Dump Trailers


Polished MAC DumpMAC builds dump trailers in four design configurations. You can specify frame type or frameless style dumps to meet your rigorous hauling demands. There is a wide variety of axle configurations you can choose from – closed tandem, spread axle tandem, triaxle, quads — even up to eight axles! 





MAC Traditional 

The MAC Traditional dump trailer is a mainstay in the industry. It is the original fully welded square design, with a proven track record of rugged durability. The trailer is considered a leader in the dump business!



MAC’s smooth side design is the result of innovation, engineering and superior construction. 6061 T-6 aluminum hollow core extrusions “snap” into place and are welded from the inside, leaving a clean mirror external finish. The aerodynamics of the MVP (MAC Vertical Panel) and narrow width dimensions of the hollow core panels have proven to enhance fuel economy while allowing you to gain additional cubic yardage for greater payloads and increased profits.


MACsimizer Half Round 

A radius bulkhead design helps to maximize your loads and aerodynamics and to increase your fuel economy. The MAC Half Round has a tare weight of only 8,900 pounds (without liner and tarp). It offers the volume of a traditional square dump while providing the benefits of a round design by keeping the material centered throughout the dumping cycle.


MAC Steel

This trailer is in a class of its own with a design and construction that meets geographical needs nationwide. MAC Steel trailers offer the capacity and durability of the 90-cubic yard AR450 “SCRAP MAC.” They also provide the traditional radius or half-round design for abrasive hauls such as sand, gravel and dirt.


Transfer Trailers


MAC Refuse WF FMAC has built a reputation as a leader in the moving floor transfer trailer business. MAC knows the transfer industry and constructs a trailer that withstands the rigors and abrasive conditions associated with loading and unloading mass volume and heavy bulk materials — from waste to wood, to agricultural, to recyclables, to scrap.




Moving Floor Trailers

MAC’s moving floor trailers are used in a variety of applications, from wood and bulk mulch, to plastics recycling, to agricultural products. 

  • The fully welded sheet-and-post configuration features a side skin up to .250 thick. 
  • The MVP MACLOCK incorporates 2-1/4” hollow core aluminum extruded panels that provide a smooth inner and outer skin. 


Coordinate your drive unit with the specific slats needed for the products you carry. 


Tipper Trailers 

Tipper trailers provide low tare weight and maximum volume. MAC builds either the fully welded sheet-and-post configuration or the MVP MACLOCK smooth side panels, as well as any number of different axle configurations to suit your specific needs. MAC can build a trailer with up to 154 cubic yard capacity!


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Flatbed Trailers


The lineup of aluminum flatbed trailers that MAC produces is quickly becoming the standard of excellence in the market. As with the other MAC lines, there is a variety of configurations with this superior aluminum flatbed trailer! MAC builds lengths from 40’ to 53’ and an extendable model as well. 


Choose from four main beam options – M52, M60, M72, and M80. The aluminum floor is constructed from the same aluminum extrusion used for the side panels of the MAC dumps and transfer trailers. This means you won’t pick up a lot of dirt and corrosive “junk” under the floorboards. The floor itself is lighter and stronger than other aluminum floors on the market. 


Tandem Platforms

Tandem platforms lead the MAC lineup and are quickly being recognized as the benchmark in the aluminum flatbed market. This premium trailer is available with several suspension options:

  • Closed tandem
  • Spread axle
  • Lift axles
  • With or without bulkheads
  • Various tie down options


Step-deck Platforms 

Step-deck platforms provide a lightweight high load capacity to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC uses a special process of forming the all-aluminum neck before the final heat treatment of the metal, which maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design.


MAC Advantage X-tender 

This trailer is a 53’ to 65’ extendable configuration with a weight that’s comparable to a standard combo flat. Targeting the precast, rebar and pipe haul markets, the “ADVANTAGE X-TENDER” lets you handle these special load requirements with ease, while having the light weight to handle common flatbed commodity loads as well.


Road Warrior 

These flats are spec’d to go to work! They offer a list of options that meets and exceeds the common hauling requirements of the flatbed operator. Constructed with either the M52 or M60 main beams, these trailers also sport a galvanized coupler plate, 18” crossmember spacing, and single coil pack. Full length J-hook track is offered on each side and LL winch track on the driver’s side.


The Right MAC Trailer For Your Needs

Contact your local CRTS representative and tell us about your operation and needs so that we can work with MAC to get you the exact trailer you need. MAC has been producing trailers for more than 25 years, and their excellence in engineering and construction will give you peace of mind with every load you pull.


Find the right trailer to fit your needs.


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