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Wilson Commodity Trailers, Highly Regarded Since 1890

Posted by David Shepherd on Jul 13, 2020 1:36:33 PM

Wilson HoppersWilson Trailer Company has been building trailers since 1890, making them one of the oldest trailer manufacturers in the country. Their innovation and manufacturing processes have made them one of the most highly regarded commodity trailers in the industry. 



Let’s look at the Wilson trailers we offer at CRTS.


Pacesetter Grain Trailer

Commonly referred to as a “hopper bottom trailer,” the Pacesetter grain trailer has many standard features that make it one of the longest-lasting hoppers on the road today. 


The DWH-600 is available with a one-piece side skin in 66” and 72” side heights. This makes the trailer stronger in and out of the field, and reduces drag for better fuel economy. The sides have vent ports between each set of side posts, allowing the sides to “breathe.” This extends the life of the sides and provides a useful inspection source.


Every Wilson grain trailer has a full-length skin on the inside wall of the trailer. This eliminates material build up that adds excess weight to the trailer, and it keeps corrosion to a minimum. The full-length skins play an integral part in the structural integrity of every Wilson grain trailer.


Wilson’s two-piece lower hoppers come standard with two stiffeners per side, plus corner bracing. This gives you a stronger hopper that’s less prone to the bulge and sagging that can make rivets loosen and pop. The stiffeners also serve as handy knock rails for sticky product. 


The trap doors come standard with the patented Roller Strap Trap openers. Introduced in 1996, these openers have proven to be very low maintenance and are not complicated with gearboxes and complex hydraulics. Other types of openers are available as an option, if you prefer.


Wilson Hopper Farm

The open kingpin area is designed to transfer the weight of the trailer’s load to the outside rails. The built-in strength of Wilson’s design eliminates the cross bracing and an “X” brace which would otherwise collect debris, add weight, and lead to corrosion. Wilson’s unobstructed access to the nose area makes cleaning and maintenance easy. All metal kingpin components are coated with Corsol anti-corrosive metal treatment, and have a polymer material barrier between dissimilar metals.



Wilson offers a wide array of popular options to help you get the trailer you need, including: 

  • Standard height hoppers (17” clearance) or ag hoppers (21” clearance)
  • Permanently mounted vibrators on the hoppers
  • Different tarp options
  • Suspension options
  • Side panel colors
  • One-piece side panels or splice panels
  • Side heights from 66” to 90” 


Find the trailer that meets your needs.


Patriot Conveyor Belt Trailer

The Patriot Conveyor Belt trailer is a self-unloading trailer that uses a chain-driven conveyor belt and a hydraulic motor. The interior of the trailer is in the shape of a “flat V.” The slopes have a 3/16” HMW liner, which helps move the product more quickly and cleanly. The belt is available in 36”, 42” and 48” widths.


Wilson Belt RSeveral options for the rear opening are available, including: 

  • Top-hinged gate with optional hydraulic “knife gate” for granular products
  • Side-swing gate with and without a knife gate
  • Hydraulic flip-up gate



Your CRTS sales representative can help you determine which configuration is best for your operation and the products you haul.


Several standard features make this innovative trailer one of the most desirable belt trailers on the market. For example: 

  • The chain tension can easily be adjusted from the front sill of the trailer. 
  • The conveyor controls are located at the rear of the trailer to the driver’s side, out of harm’s way. 
  • Aluminum or fabric funnels are available to unload your product into a very specific space. 
  • Chain sweepers, wiper blocks, and full-height side liners are some more of the most popular options.

Get the Dependability and Innovation You Need

CRTS and Utility Trailer Sales of Virginia are proud to carry the Wilson product line. If you need more information about these, or any of the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact your local representative and we will be happy to help you any way we can.


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