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Get the Trailer You Need, Not the One a Dealer Wants to Sell

Posted by David Shepherd on Jul 23, 2019 1:52:32 PM

At CRTS and Utility Trailer Sales of Virginia, we stock our lot with the top-selling trailers and equip them with the most popular specifications - but those aren’t the trailers we’ll try to sell you. Before we try to make any sale, we get to know you, your operations, what kind of product you’re hauling, and where it runs to.

The more we understand you and your operations, the better we’ll be able to recommend the trailer that fits you best. We may have ten trailers on the lot, but if none of them fit your needs, we won’t talk about those trailers—we’ll talk about what’s right for you. We’ll advise you on the trailer you need—not the trailer we want to sell.

Here’s how we work with you to find the trailer that fits you best.

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Looking Out For Your Best Interests

We had a customer who was buying used trailers for a truck driving school. He didn’t need anything fancy, but he did need something decent. He was willing to spend a certain amount of money, and I had several options on the lot that would fit his budget. But I steered him away from those trailers.

Instead, we found trailers that were less equipped for several thousand dollars less. They were in good condition, they looked nice enough to put his name on them, and they met his purposes. Since no one would be hauling freight in them, why spend the extra money on features that would never be used? By taking the time to understand his needs, we helped him save thousands of dollars on two trailers.

Sometimes it goes the other way, and a customer’s needs require spending a little more. We’ll spend time with the customer to explain how they’ll be better off with this trailer instead of that one. We want to ensure you have less trouble down the road, because spending a little more money now can save you a lot more money later. You’ll also get a better trade-in deal when you’re ready for your next trailer.

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New Trailers for New Drivers

If you’re new in the business or switching from one type of equipment to another, we can help you figure out the trailer specifications you need. We’ll learn as much as we can about what you’ll be doing with your trailer, so that we can advise you properly on the equipment that will give you the greatest value.

We’ll help you understand the latest technological advances, and which ones make sense for you. For example, Utility Trailer Company is known as a frontrunner in new technology and innovation. If you’re looking at a new Utility trailer, we’ll introduce you to any advances that might save you money, maintenance or man-power.

New-Inwoods-DC FPeerless is another trailer manufacturer we’re proud to carry, and their walking floor trailers are very popular right now. Peerless has mix-and-match options that let you select virtually any number of configurations for their trailers. We’ll ask you for details about what you’re loading and unloading, and how you’re unloading, then help you find the best configuration to fit your hauling needs.

We also stress the quality and manufacturing process of the trailers themselves. Sometimes a customer is considering buying a brand that’s much less expensive than the trailers we carry. While the upfront costs may be lower, that trailer will be more expensive in the long run. You can expect more maintenance and repairs, shorter lifetime and quicker turnover, and a lower trade-in value.

The best option isn’t simply a matter of price. Our customers are looking for the greatest value - and that’s what we’ll help them find.

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Smart Advice for Veteran Drivers

If you’ve been running your trailer for years, you already know exactly what you want, but you may not know about the technological innovations that have come along since your last trailer purchase. It’s our job to say, “This is a new advancement that came out since your last purchase. It’s something we think you ought to take a look at.”

We have one particular customer in the food service industry who purchases highly specialized refrigerated trailers. They run thousands of trailers and they trust CRTS to supply many of them, because we find ways to solve their unique problems. Our solutions have reduced:

  • Injury claims for people getting in and out of trailersUTM-Tri Fold-Door-Center-Open
  • Freight claims for damaged goods
  • Maintenance costs because the trailers are being used properly and as designed

For example, Utility’s tri-fold door is an innovation that saves the customer money. Some of their products are small, and they don’t need to open the door completely to unload them. Instead, they can open one little door, which prevents more cold air from escaping the trailer.

We also specify plastic temperature curtains at every opening of the trailer, so that when they do open the door, the curtains trap much of the cool air in the trailer and prevents hot air from coming in. Due to the number of stops per day these trailers make, and to give an added margin of safety in their operations, we also introduced them to disc brakes on their trailers.

The Right Trailer for the Right Job

It’s our mission to help you get more value out of your purchase for the long run. We look out for your best interests—not our biggest sale. We’ll talk about the positives and negatives (if there are any) to every piece of equipment we sell, because we want to make sure you have as little trouble as possible.

That’s what we’re known for. We’ve been in business for 48 years, and we’ve built a reputation throughout the region for looking out for our customers’ best interests.

Find the right trailer to fit your needs. Start searching here.

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