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How to Choose the Right Specs for Your Reefer Trailer

Posted by David Shepherd on Jul 23, 2021 1:05:24 PM

UTM Tri Fold Door Fully OpenAt CRTS, we take the time to get to know our customers before we try to make a sale. Some semi-trailer dealerships are happy to make the biggest sale, but we want to set you up with the best refrigerated trailer to meet your needs. That might not give us the most lucrative deal, but it will give us a happier customer.

When you come in, we’ll sit down with you and find out what kind of freight you’re hauling, and where you’ll be pulling freight. We try to spec our stock trailers so that most drivers can use the trailers that are on the lot. But you may have specific needs that require customized options and specifications. We can help with that, and we’re always ready to help you order a trailer to meet your specification needs.

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Finding the Right Reefer Trailer Options for You

Choosing the right reefer trailer specs starts with knowing how you’ll be using the trailer, and where you’re going with it. For example, will you haul mostly for frozen foods or produce? Will it be pallet loaded or floor loaded?

If your freight will be entirely pallet loaded, that will free up flooring options that increase your trailer’s usable life. Flat floors can’t be used with floor-loaded produce, because the air can’t circulate under the product. In that case, you’ll need to choose a duct floor. Duct floors can be used for pallet-loaded and floor-loaded freight.

Insulation can be dependent on both your load and your destination. If you’re frequently hauling ice cream, you’ll need more insulation than the standard package. If you’re running in Arizona or Texas, you’ll need better insulation. In those cases, we recommend four-inch insulation in the sidewalls. The downside to consider is that you lose interior width and you won’t be able to load standard pallets side-by-side.

There are several other considerations, based on what you’re hauling, and where. CRTS can help you make sure you get the specs and options you need most, for an efficient and cost-effective operation.


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Utility Refrigerated Trailers

UTM Tri Fold Door Center OpenUtility prides itself on customization, and they lead the industry in refrigeration innovations. Utility’s 3000R® is the top-selling reefer trailer in North America. Not only is it loaded with standard features, but it offers top-of-the-line options to help you get the most value out of your refrigerated trailer.

The 3000R Multi-Temp is built with the same industry-leading technologies of the 3000R, but it offers additional options to meet your unique operational requirements. The Multi-Temp reefer allows multiple trailer compartment configurations to protect temperature-sensitive cargo and increase trailer use for better operational efficiency.

The 3000R Multi-Temp has the option to use a CenterSeal™ (center partitions), which creates multiple zones inside your trailer. You can now haul one load at multiple temperatures, allowing you to pull more freight at once.


Utility Reefer Options

Both the 3000R and the Multi-Temp models offer dozens of customizable options that you can configure.


Performance options include:

UTM Tri Fold Door Open RS
  • Utility Aerodynamic Tail
  • Air return bulkheads that can fit a variety of refrigeration units
  • Recessed logistic tracks that allow you to use a variety of load restraining devices without sacrificing inside width
  • Clearance light packages in a variety of models and configurations to meet your specific needs.
  • Severe service high impact linings
  • Custom positioned side doors
  • Remote magnetic shut-off switches
  • Roll up doors
  • LED dome lights
  • Tire inflation systems


Durability options include:

  • Stainless steel I.C.C. bumpers, wingplates, lock rods, side skin, or corner protectors
  • Severe service kingpin section
  • Exterior rub rails


Efficiency options include:

  • Customized floor systems
  • Refrigeration units and accessories
  • Electric standby refrigeration units
  • Multiple curtain configurations
  • Retractable platforms and stairs


Safety options include:

  • Anti-dock walk devices and dump valves
  • Rear shore power plug
  • Grab handles
  • Verta-Lock™ vertical shoring system
  • Air disc brakes


Count on CRTS

At CRTS, your unique reefer trailer needs are our top concern. While we take great care to stock our lot with the best selection for the most drivers, we also take the time to understand your own operational needs. When you’re looking for something specific, you can count on us to get it for you. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure you drive off the lot with the reefer trailer you need.

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