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Making Trailer Repairs With VanFastic Aluminum Patches

Posted by David Shepherd on Nov 3, 2022 11:26:48 AM

Driving long distances can leave your tractor-trailer susceptible to damage. Commercial trucks and trailers experience anything from minor wear and tear to more severe issues requiring full-service maintenance.

While there are preventative maintenance measures you can take to keep your commercial trailer in peak performance, such as:

  • Checking fluid levels
  • Replacing parts that wear quickly, like air filters and brake linings
  • Inspecting tires & brakes regularly, and
  • Ensuring the electrical system is in good order

You can’t predict when your tractor-trailer might end up with a dent, cut, or abrasion. 

Maintaining your semi-trailer can be costly. However, you do want your commercial trailer to look professional. Having the option to do minor wall repair patches can save you time and money.

An aluminum patch kit like VanFastic is an excellent option to perform an emergency roadside repair, prevent further damage, and continue your journey.

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What is VanFastic?

VanFastic is a waterproof aluminum trailer wall and body patch panel. You can use it to repair holes and other cosmetic damage on many types of truck bodies and trailers, including refrigerated trailers. 

The best part is it’s easy to use! 

VanFastic wall repair patches are self-adhesive and can easily be cut to size with regular scissors. They can even be used around corners, over rivets, and for roof repairs.

How to Use VanFastic Aluminum Patch

This quick YouTube demonstrates how easy it is to cut and adhere a VanFastic aluminum patch to the side of your commercial trailer or truck body.


How Long Does VanFastic Last?

It’s important to note that VanFastic isn’t a long-term trailer repair solution. It is an emergency repair kit meant to prevent further damage. 

More extensive trailer repairs or damage that involves structural components, such as side posts, should be inspected by a semi-trailer repair shop as soon as possible.

Where Can You Buy a VanFastic Trailer Repair Kit?

CRTS, an independent South Atlantic semi-trailer dealership, stocks VanFastic repair kits at all of its locations.

You can find a CRTS dealership in the following towns:

  • Raleigh
  • Statesville
  • Ashland
  • Roanoke
  • Columbia

Stock up on a VanFastic aluminum wall repair kit and save yourself a potentially expensive trip to a semi-trailer repair shop.

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Next time you’re near one of our dealerships, stop in, say hi, and grab yourself a VanFastic aluminum wall repair kit to keep with you on the road.

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