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Peerless Trailers: The Toughest Trailer in the Timber Industry

Posted by David Shepherd on May 13, 2020 12:21:58 PM

When it comes to trailers built for the timber industry, you can’t find a better option than Peerless. CRTS has represented Peerless trailers for over 40 years, and we’re proud to offer several options for our customers.

Peerless and CRTS specify certain items which we feel will extend the service life of the trailer for our customers. For instance, Peerless uses a steel bottom rail instead of an aluminum rail. It only adds a couple hundred pounds to the weight of the trailer, and they far outlast aluminum rails. The Peerless Open Top weighs in at 9,970 lbs!

In the timber industry, the name Peerless is synonymous with durability and longevity.

should i buy a used or new trailer?

Let’s take a look at the Peerless product line we offer.


Open-top Chip Trailer

Logging Ad Chip VanThis top-loaded van-style chip trailer features a “bull nose” mitred front corner. It gives you more capacity and better aerodynamics for greater fuel economy. The side walls are .063 stressed aluminum with aluminum side posts.The top can be configured a couple of different ways. The standard is a flat design with a single center tie. This has a mesh cable pull tarp. We can also spec an open top with extra bows for use with a roll tarp.

The top-hinged gate features an expanded metal covering to keep the chips from spilling out the back end, while also providing the air flow you need. The gate is made of durable steel for unbeatable longevity that can last three times longer than an aluminum gate. There is also an option to have a top hinged gate with a swing door gate built in to it. This is called a combo gate and it is becoming a very popular option.


Inwoods Chip Trailer

Inwoods Live Floor R

A close cousin of the open-top trailer, the Inwoods features a roof that is designed to withstand the punishment from blown chips. The top is similar to a side wall: the smooth part of the aluminum faces the inside of the trailer, and hat section roof bows are installed on the outside of the trailer instead of the bottom side of the aluminum sheet. This prevents chips from tearing up the roof bows, and it results in a much tougher trailer. The Inwoods features a “blow-in” gate on the rear. The top half of the gate / doors is open so that chips can be blown into the trailer.

Because blown wood chips can do a lot of damage to the interior of a trailer, CRTS specifies a 48-inch wide stainless steel roof liner down the center of the trailer and in the nose of the trailer for added protection. This can extend the longevity and useful life of your trailer by as much as double. Most manufacturers use a thin sheet of aluminum as a chip deflector.

In addition, CRTS specs every Inwoods trailer with a Holland Mark-5 landing gear. It’s much stronger than the standard landing gear, which is critical for trailers that rest on uneven ground. You don’t have to worry about the landing gear collapsing as the trailer gets heavy with chips. The Mark-5 is welded with 10-inch C-channel steel across the bottom of both legs to keep the side-to-side motion to a minimum.


Special Configurations

Whether you have an Open-top Chip trailer or an Inwoods trailer, Peerless offers special configurations that can make it easier to haul and unload your cargo. 


Drop-Center Configuration

With a 65,000 pound capacity, the Drop-Center trailer gives you a larger payload without extending the length of your trailer. The rugged aluminum trailer drops 15-20 inches but only weighs 11,600 pounds. It’s designed for quick unloading using a tipper and is available in open-top and Inwoods configurations.


Live Floor 

The Peerless Live Floor is a hydraulic ram system attached to either 21 or 24 slats in the floor. The system can unload the entire trailer in 8-12 minutes, with no dumping. This is an ideal solution for unloading when you don’t have a tipper available. CRTS is proud to spec a Hallco floor as the standard, but we can also spec a Keith floor if a customer wants it. 

The Live Floor is available in either Inwoods or open-top trailers without drop centers.


Peerless Trailers Are Without Peer

Peerless doesn’t build a large number of trailer configurations. They prefer to be the best at what they’re good at — and they’re good at building chip trailers.

In our 40-year partnership, CRTS has developed a strong relationship with Peerless Trailers. We can’t recommend them highly enough, because there simply isn’t a better trailer out there that can handle the abuse of the timber industry. We don’t get Peerless trailers coming back for warranty work, and our customers simply don’t have any trouble with them. Considering the rough application that a Peerless trailer is involved in, that speaks volumes.

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