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Semi-Trailer Customizations That Strengthen Your Business

Posted by David Shepherd on Jun 3, 2022 3:55:00 PM

Every fleet is different. Your trucks run a certain product to certain parts of the country, making a certain series of stops along the routes. Your operation has its own set of business and financial goals and you have your own set of uniques. 

As a result, you have specific challenges that other fleets don’t have. The success of your business depends on hauling trailers that best fit your own unique needs. 

At CRTS, we understand the importance of equipping your trailer with the right options. That’s why we work with you to understand your situation and offer trailer customizations that can help you run more efficiently. Here’s how we do that.

Trailer Customizations at CRTS and Utility Trailer Sales of Virginia

CRTS / UTSVA carries the top names in semi-trailers, and every one of them comes with several configuration options. We know the customizations each manufacturer offers, and we understand how they can benefit your fleet. Here are a few highlights:


Utility trailers are our biggest seller. We can add side doors to make unloading easier. Side doors are ideal for refrigerated food service trailers that have multiple stops. Roll-up and swing rear doors are also popular. 

For refrigerated trailers, we can offer several insulation packages to fit your needs best, as well as options for aluminum duct or flat aluminum floors. In addition, we can offer several options for liftgates or ramps to assist in the unloading process. 

Utility’s 4000 DX dry van trailers can also be customized to fit your needs. With several options for length and height, they can be built for your operation. Side doors are available, as well as liftgate and ramp options for safer unloading. Grip Guard flooring is a new innovation that will minimize slick floors and help to prevent injuries to your drivers. 

semi trailerUtility flatbeds have a surprising amount of customization options as well. We can make a trailer with a steel frame and aluminum deck, or a steel frame and wood deck. Choose from any number of suspension systems, toolboxes, bulkheads and sliding winches for the hold downs. The Alternative Load Securement System (ALSS) is popular for chaining down steel coil.


Peerless offers a wide array of configurations, but the live floor is a special one. The live floor can walk the load off in as little as eight minutes. You don’t need to touch anything but a handle on the side of the trailer. 

Peerless also offers a number of tarp configurations, including rollover and electric tarps for open top trailers. A wide array of rear door / gate configurations can help you make the most efficient use of your trailers and your time.


Wilson’s conveyor belt trailer is ideal if you’re hauling corn, potatoes, gravel or other loose materials that need to be unloaded without dumping the contents. The conveyor belt rotates and takes the load out of the back of the trailer. You can also select from various hopper and hopper bottom configurations. Optional vibrators are available to knock the product loose in the hopper. 

refrigerated trailer


Kentucky is probably the most customizable trailer we sell. You can build a Kentucky trailer virtually any way you want. If it can go on wheels, Kentucky can build it. They provide amazing engineering and structural quality. 


MAC is another highly customizable trailer—especially their dump line. MAC trailers can be customized to fit your needs and to give you exactly what you want. The dump trailers in particular are built out of a wide range of materials. You can order them with a frame or frameless, for weight conservation. 


They also offer a number of gate configurations to choose from. With options for two, three, four - or more - axles, and nearly any size configuration you can dream of, MAC can build a trailer to your exact needs. 

MAC flatbed trailers also offer many custom options. With options for closed tandem or spread axle suspension systems, lift axles, bulkhead options, tie down systems in the floor, and winches for load securement, MAC can build the exact trailer you need for your operation. MAC can also build drop deck versions to offer larger payload capacities.

Choosing the Right Customizations for Your Trailers

Customizations can be tremendously helpful, but not every option is right for you. Some drivers like to customize because it looks cool. Perhaps they want a stainless steel refrigerated trailer with a spread axle under it, just because it looks nice. 

When you get down to it, you’re using that trailer to haul a product from Point A to Point B. Looks won’t make you a dime more money. Instead, get what you need to get the job done, and focus on making a profit. 

Whenever possible, be sure you know everything you need when you order the trailer. While some customizations can be added after delivery, it’s almost always cheaper to have them done at the factory. Other customizations can’t be added after-market. Do your research, talk with your salesperson, and make sure you know what’s available and what makes sense (and what doesn’t) for you. 

Think about your operation. Understand your customers’ needs, and listen to your drivers’ feedback. Find out what issues they’re having as they’re out delivering or picking up the

product. Consider the problems you have in your operations that you’d like to eliminate, and ask us about possible solutions. 

What to Expect from CRTS and Utility Trailer Sales of Virginia 

Selecting the right set of customizations begins with your relationship with your sales rep. It’s their responsibility to talk with you and ask questions about what you’re doing with your equipment. How do you load and unload it? When do you unload it, and where are you running with it? Is there a need for a custom item? 

Sometimes a customer is so close to the forest that they can’t see the trees. They don’t necessarily think about options that could solve their issues. That’s when the relationship between you and your sales rep plays an invaluable role. The salesperson may be able to suggest a small change to save a tremendous amount of money and hassle. 

At CRTS / UTSVA, we work hard to solve your biggest issues. It’s our job to talk with you and understand your business. If we’re doing our job right, we can make insightful recommendations to help your business run more efficiently. 

Find the right trailer to fit your needs. Start searching here.


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