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Should You Buy Off-Brand Semi-Trailer Parts?

Posted by David Shepherd on Feb 17, 2020 4:15:09 PM

Replacement parts aren’t something you want to just throw on a semi-trailer — especially when you’re talking about structural components like rails, cross members, or suspensions. But if you’re purchasing cheap parts, you’re taking a gamble with your trailer. As an owner/operator or a fleet manager, you want to save money whenever you can — but cheap parts come cheap for a reason.

At CRTS, we only use trailer parts that are manufactured by or certified by the manufacturers we deal with. We won’t use any brand that the manufacturer itself won’t use on their trailers. Here’s why.see our parts lines and specials


Trailer Parts You Can Trust

CRTS trailer parts department

Sometimes, dealers are willing to purchase off-brand parts for their customers, because they can save their customers money. We see it differently. You can buy off-brand trailer parts that will last for several months, or you can buy the real thing that will last for years. We prefer to sell the ones that’ll last for years.

In this case, the saying is true: you get what you pay for. Cheaper parts won’t give you the tensile strength or the finish that the trailer manufacturer provides. If you get a bump on a rail, you want to know that it’s not going to crack and break the trailer. 

We’ve been in business 49 years and we have always promised that we’ll never use second-grade parts. Our customers deserve better.


Seamless Integration, Guaranteed

Not only do you want the assurance that a trailer part will last — you also want to know it’ll integrate with your trailer. Knockoff parts don’t always fit properly. Imagine that you’ve got a trailer torn down and it’s jacked up from front to rear. The damaged rail is pulled out, a new one is ordered and it comes in. When the service crew tries to install the part, the rail won’t fit because the holes don’t match up and the posts don’t fit. You’ve got to start all over again. 

Meanwhile, your trailer remains out of circulation. 

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We understand that a trailer’s time off the road is lost revenue for your business. Our commitment to certified trailer parts is a commitment to installing parts quickly to minimize your downtime.


Quick Turnaround on Trailer Parts

Photo of CRTS trailer parts departmentGetting the right part matters. And getting it quickly matters, too.

At CRTS, we’re one of the few dealers in the nation who stock over $1 million of parts in inventory. We invest that money to ensure that our customers get the right parts they need, when they need it. In the rare cases that we don’t have the part, we can get it quickly. And if we can’t get it, no one can.

We take pride in maintaining a quality inventory of the right parts for the trailers that we sell. That also extends to providing brand parts for trailers that we don’t sell new. If you need a part for a trailer brand that we don’t sell new, we can get that part quickly. 

We also handle outside vendors for various things, such as cargo control. Kinedyne is the world’s number one supplier of cargo control devices. We won’t stock another brand of cargo control device, because we believe so strongly in only using the best. 

For lighting, we stock Phillips, Truck-Lite, and Grote, because they’re excellent products and they’re all used on every trailer we sell. We have customers who are loyal to one of those brands, and they rely on us to have their brand ready and on-hand.

If a customer has a need, we’ll do everything we can to help.


CRTS Has Your Back

When you’ve got to repair parts on your semi-trailer, you need to know you can get it done right, done quickly, and done reliably. You won’t find a better semi-trailer dealer to replace your trailer parts — we stake our name on it.

Our professional and knowledgeable parts experts are dedicated to helping you find the right part to keep your trailers running smoothly and safely, saving you time and money.

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